Geraint Jenkins 

Geraint Thomas-Howard Jenkins


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~ BSc, Physical Geography & Earth Science, Aberystwyth University (2010 - 13) First class degree

~ MScR, Glacial Sedimentology, University of Durham (2013 - 14) Currently undertaking

Work experience:

~ Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust, Worcester University (2011)

~ National Museum of Wales, Geology Department (2011)

~ Centre for Glaciology, Aberystwyth University (2012)

~ Centre for Glaciology, Aberystwyth University (2013)

~ Engineering and Environment Department, Northumbria University (2014)

Organisation membership:

~ The Geological Society of London (Elected fellow)

~ The Royal Geographical Society (Elected fellow)

~ International Glaciological Society

~ Quaternary Research Association 

~ British Society for Geomorphology

~ Glacial Landsystem Working Group

~ British Sedimentological Research Group

~ West Wales Geological Society

~ Royal Society for Protection of Birds

~ Wildlife Trusts

~ Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Research projects & interests:

~ Quaternary environmental & palaeoglaciological change, Shropshire, UK

~ Application of optically stimulated luminescence to glacial sediments

~ Quantifying retreat rates, former ice processes and extents of the Irish Sea ice stream

~ Palaeoglaciology of Otago, New Zealand

~ Determining the activity of glacier like features on Mars

~ Internal sedimentary composition of ice stream bedforms through geophysical analysis

~ Development of a novel luminescence technique, comparable to cosmogenic nuclide analysis

~ Understanding the impact of glacier surface roughness on ice mass ablation

~ Understanding palaeo-ice mass processes from the sedimentary & geomorphic record

I am also a mentor for the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists